Softball Conditioning – Quick Workouts Do Work!

Tonight, while driving back from practice, I was listening to my voice messages on my cool new iPhone. One of the messages was from one of the elite members of my Softball Peak Performance Club. Since I had about 30 minutes of driving to do. I decided to call him back right away. Personal phone … Read more

Mental Training – Making The Olympics in Your Mind

Have you ever noticed that Kids dream all the time about what they want? I sure did. They have a phenomenal capacity to see themselves as successful, accomplishing extraordinary things. The theater of their mind features success stories about themselves every single day. We call it mental imagery or visualization or “daydreaming”. Whatever we call … Read more

Softball Tryouts Tips – Going Beyong Skills and Talent When Selecting Athletes

Identifying talent and predicting the future success of an athlete is as reliable as the weather forecast for next week. In other words, not reliable at all. Despite years of research, there are only a handful of true predictors of athletic success that have been identified. When selecting their team, coaches will use a variety … Read more

Softball Tryouts – Nutrition Tips for Maximum Energy

A few years ago I was running a tryout and about 1 hour into it, one of the girls started to be sick, weak and looked a little loss and confused. Being a Red Cross first aid instructor, I recognized the signs and immediately suspected a drop in blood sugar levels – a condition called … Read more

Softball Tryouts – How To Control Your Nervousness

Last year, I was talking to a softball player who I know very well. She absolutely loves softball and has also a great personality. Always smiling, polite, upbeat, and pleasant to be around. She told me she was trying out for an elite 16U travel team in her area and that she was really nervous. … Read more

Softball Training – Get in Shape for Your Tryouts

Are you going to be trying out for a team in the new few weeks? If so, make sure you read this. I just recently conducted several interviews with top travel ball coaches about tryouts and selection camps. One of things that they all mentioned is that they look for players that are “athletic”. Why? … Read more

Softball Tips – What to Do When Trying Out Injured

It’s going to be tryouts season very soon and for most, their summer season had ended or the end is close. Many will be trying out to find a team for next year in the coming weeks. A common problem is that many players have been carrying injuries for most of the season and injuries … Read more