Mental Training – Making The Olympics in Your Mind

Have you ever noticed that Kids dream all the time about what they want? I sure did.

They have a phenomenal capacity to see themselves as successful, accomplishing extraordinary things.

The theater of their mind features success stories about themselves every single day.

We call it mental imagery or visualization or “daydreaming”. Whatever we call it, it’s a unique and powerful thing human beings are able to do.

Many success gurus will tell you that you have visualize yourself as successful before you can be.

Some would day this is just a bunch of B.S.

Yet, talk to any Olympians and they are going to tell you that they’ve seen themselves at the Olympics hundreds of time before they ever stepped foot in the athletes’ village.

Visualizing success is a big part of the game plan of highly successful athletes – no matter the sport.

In my new resource for softball players – the Tryouts Peak Performance Kit – I reveal that picturing yourself as successful is one of the most powerful success strategies you can use.

It is one of the many powerful techniques that the best softball players on the planet use to achieve extraordinary performances.

The mind is incredibly powerful. However, few players really uses the power of the mind to truly get the edge.

In January, while I was working with the Canadian Olympic Softball Team in Las Vegas, I had an interesting chat with one of the young players on the Canadian squad and she was telling how going to the Olympics had always been her dream!

She said that she visualized being selected on the National Team and participating in the Olympics so many times that she was somewhat ashame to admit it.

However, she strongly believes that a big part of the reason why she was successful at making the Olympic team was that she really believed she could do it because she had done it successfully in her mind so many times.

Don’t underestimate how powerful your mind is. See yourself being successful in the theater of your mind and see how much more you can accomplish.

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