Softball Hitting – Effective Two-Strike Hitting

Last night, I was doing a 30-minute consultation with a 14-year-old young lady that is part of a package her dad bought for her. I’ve got to tell ya, I was impressed by the quality of her questions. Most of her questions were on how to get faster and how to get better results at … Read more

Coaching Youth Softball – Working with the Body, Not Against It

They say that… ..the day you stop learning you die. ..coaches who stop going to clinics and courses and always seeking better ways of doing things should retire. …all the most successful people in society are lifelong learners and never stop learning. Well, since I am not anywhere close to dying or retiring and that … Read more

Softball Training – Stop Running, Start Sprinting

Do you “still” run around forever or do hours and hours of “slow-go” cardio on treadmills or stationary bikes? May I tell you something… we are in the 21st century! These practices are out of date for softball. They are what we call “old school” stuff that has since been replaced by much better practices. … Read more

Softball Tips – What to Do When Trying Out Injured

It’s going to be tryouts season very soon and for most, their summer season had ended or the end is close. Many will be trying out to find a team for next year in the coming weeks. A common problem is that many players have been carrying injuries for most of the season and injuries … Read more

Coaching Youth Softball – Why Do People Do It?

Unlike sports like swimming, figure skating, tennis, or gymnastics, softball is a volunteer-driven sport.  This means that most people involve in youth  softball are volunteers and aren’t there for financial gains. In most cases, it’s actually costing them money. People get into coaching youth softball for various reasons. Some are former baseball or softball players … Read more