Softball Injuries – Dynamic Warm-Ups Prevent Long-Term Overuse Injuries

One of the things I am doing with my new 16U team this fall is put all of my athletes through a functional assessment. I hear you: “What the heck is a functional assessment?” Let me give you an analogy. When you intend to buy a used car, before you pay for it, you take … Read more

Softball Training – Are Dynamic Warm-Ups Workouts?

One of the many questions that I get from softball players doing dynamic warm-ups for the first time is: “Is it normal that I’m sweating and feel like I am  working out?” My answer is always: “Yes and No. Yes, because you  aren’t use to the exercises yet and it’s working the  muscles that needs … Read more

Dynamic Warm-ups – Why Change?

This weekend, I spent part of it at the ballpark watching  games since it was the playoffs of the local elite girls fastpitch league. There’s a coach that I’ve known quite a few years who reads my emails that came up to me to tell me that all the hype around all that “dynamic stuff” … Read more

Softball Training – Are You Still Using Static Stretching for Warm-Ups?

You see it everywhere. It’s been done for years thinking it was good for them. It’s still being thought by many to be what the thing to do despite all of evidence pointing to the contrary. Softball is an “old-school” sport. It’s a very conservative sport. Things change slowwwwwwwwwwwly unlike other sports like track and … Read more