Softball Pitching – Critical Information You Must Know

I just got my hands on a very interesting article  that deals with overuse injures of softball pitchers. It was published in Training and Conditioning Magazine a few weeks ago. This is the official professional magazines of athletic trainers. These are the people that works with sports teams and take care of injured athletes. Colleagues … Read more

Softball Pitching – How To Easily Get 80% of Batters Out

I’ve coached at pretty much all levels of the game going from rec 8U to college and international softball in the ast 20 years. I’ve coached and watched a lot of softball games in my life. A couple of years ago, I even spent an entire summer scouting (charting pitches, identifying pitching patterns, measuring speed, … Read more

Off-Season Softball Training – Focus on Hitting and Pitching

It’s the off-season. It’s time to: 1) Rest and recover from last season. 2) Heal injuries. 3) Do conditioning to get faster, stronger, more powerful, andprevent injuries. 4) Work on fundamentals. In other words, it’s time to get better for next season! Often, people wonder – what should I do more of? In an ideal … Read more

Softball Training – Why You Need To Slow Down

Yesterday, i was doing a hitting session with my team. I was teaching the “inside-out” concept. It’s a bit technical without being that complicated. After the “theory” and “dry swing” part of practice, we got into a circuit with stations. One of the stations was a tee station. And as I do usually, I walk … Read more

Softball Pitching – The Bucket Dad Syndrome

There is a disease that often goes undiagnosed. Pitching (and other skills too) is very technical. It takes a lot of hours to learn, master, and refine the various technical elements of pitching if you include all of the pitches. It’s very easy to confuse pitchers. All you have to do is to give them … Read more