Softball Training – Get in Shape for Your Tryouts

Are you going to be trying out for a team in the new few weeks?

If so, make sure you read this.

I just recently conducted several interviews with top travel ball coaches about tryouts and selection camps.

One of things that they all mentioned is that they look for players that are “athletic”.


Athletic softball players…

  • usually improves quickly and can learn new skills  faster.
  • tend to generally perform better on the softball  field.
  • are usually good all around players. They can hit well and play solid defense.
  • are usually more disciplined. They spend time working out and watching what they eat to increase their athleticism.

You have a tryout in a few weeks and you want to do all you can to impress the coaches?

Make sure you workout to increase your speed,  strength, power, and overall athleticism.

Even if you workout only for 2-3 weeks seriously, that will show. You’ll a tiny bit faster, stronger, and more powerful.

So don’t procrastinate and make sure you start lifting weights, doing power exercises, running sprints and doing agility drills.

That will definitely help you impress the coaches.

Train hard.

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