Softball Mental Training – Habit of Success #2 – Commit to Continuous Learning

Here is the next habit of success to help you achieve all your dreams in the coming year.  Commit to these habit of success and you’ll experience tremendous success. HABIT OF SUCCESS #2 – Commit to Continous Learning Someone once said that the day you stop learning, you stop living. A common characteristics of the … Read more

Softball Training Tips – How iPods Can Help You Perform Better

Not long ago, I wrote about how cell phones (texting, talking, email, etc.) can be negatively impact a player’s focus, social interaction within a group environment, and even lead to rudeness and direspect sometimes. Are Cell Phones Negatively Affecting You and your Team? Kids aren’t only addicted to cell phones, they are also addicted to … Read more

Are Cell Phones Negatively Affecting You and Your Team?

The other day, I was reading a article in a coaching magazine that was sort of a debriefing about the summer Olympics. I found one of the elements discussed by the author very interesting and definitely something I can relate to – how the presence of cell phones might negatively affect an athlete’s performance and … Read more

6 Mental Training Tips – How to Improve Your Mental Toughness

The mental is such a big part of our game. It’s often the determining factor between success or failure. Almost every day, I get emails from players, coaches, and parents about how to improve confidence or be mentally tougher. I thought I would share with you a few tips to help you become almost instantly … Read more

Softball Training – The Importance of Recovery and Regeneration

It’s the Thanksgiving break in the US. Notice the word “break”. At some point, the body always need a break to “recover and regenerate”. It could also be said that you need to “relax and re-energize”. No matter how you say it – it’s the fact that you do it that counts. You see, the … Read more

Softball Pitching – How To Easily Get 80% of Batters Out

I’ve coached at pretty much all levels of the game going from rec 8U to college and international softball in the ast 20 years. I’ve coached and watched a lot of softball games in my life. A couple of years ago, I even spent an entire summer scouting (charting pitches, identifying pitching patterns, measuring speed, … Read more

Softball Hitting – How to Quickly Increase Bat Control

The best hitters in the world (those with great batting averages) have extremely good bat control. They may not have the most power but they basically can do what they want with a bat. This is a common characteristics of elite hitters – they control their bat. Working on bat control is certainly not as … Read more

Softball Training – Functional Testing Gives You a Competitive Edge

Today was an interesting experience. I took my entire 16U team  to a sports training  facility in downtown Montreal to be assessed  and screened by certified athletic trainers. It was not your traditional fitness testing. It was what we call a “functional assessment”. They are basically testing and screening the body to see if the … Read more

Softball Skills Training – Learning Takes Time

Coming back to coach at the 16U level is  an interesting experience. I realize more than ever than kids today want results now. If it doesn’t work right away, it’s no good! Why is that? They are used to getting everything right away. They live in a world with… – Instant chat – Instant texting … Read more

Softball Tips – 10 Rules to Shift the Odds In Your Favor

I’m a firm believer is shifting the odds in your favor. Softball is somewhat of a complex game. Yet, to be successful, it comes back to accomplishing a few very simple things. Doing those simple things will “shift the odds in your favor.” What are these simple things? Here’s my top 10 list of rules … Read more