Softball Conditioning Leads to Major Benefits

I’ve been designing softball conditioning programs for over 10 years. Let me tell you that softball conditioning can really help improve a player’s game. Yet, a lot of softball players don’t take it seriously know. They know that getting in good shape by doing softball conditioning would help their game but somehow they don’t give it enough importance or focus. My … Read more

Softball Conditioning Tips – Working Out When Life Gets in the Way

If you are serious about building yourself up for next season, your off-season training involve doing skills training (hitting, pitching, fielding, etc.), sports conditioning and maybe some form of mental/vision training. At times, life gets in the way (vacations, exams or homework, bad weather, general fatigue, sickness, family function, etc.) and we may have weeks … Read more

Softball Training and Conditioning – Are You Random or Structured?

I have worked with and observed a lot of softball players over the years. I have come two main conclusions about most players: 1) They love the game and want to get better 2) They have serious deficiencies in their conditioning which hurts their game big time. A lot players will try to workout and … Read more

Softball Conditioning – Stop Being Generic, Start Being Specific

Looking to get fitter and improve your softball game? One word of advice to start with: picking a random  training program off any fitness magazine or website is a  big mistake because most of these programs are as far as you  can be from being softball-specific. Most of these programs are either geared at bodybuilders  who wants … Read more