Softball Hitting – Effective Two-Strike Hitting

Last night, I was doing a 30-minute consultation with a 14-year-old young lady that is part of a package her dad bought for her. I’ve got to tell ya, I was impressed by the quality of her questions. Most of her questions were on how to get faster and how to get better results at … Read more

Softball Hitting – Batting Practice is Much More Than Swing Training

Today, I was talking to the coach of a 14U team who is struggling at the plate. They haven’t been hitting well this year at all. After asking him several questions, it became pretty clear what the problem might be. You see – according to him, they work a lot on hitting. I told him … Read more

Softball Hitting – How to Quickly Increase Bat Control

The best hitters in the world (those with great batting averages) have extremely good bat control. They may not have the most power but they basically can do what they want with a bat. This is a common characteristics of elite hitters – they control their bat. Working on bat control is certainly not as … Read more

Off-Season Softball Training – Focus on Hitting and Pitching

It’s the off-season. It’s time to: 1) Rest and recover from last season. 2) Heal injuries. 3) Do conditioning to get faster, stronger, more powerful, andprevent injuries. 4) Work on fundamentals. In other words, it’s time to get better for next season! Often, people wonder – what should I do more of? In an ideal … Read more

Softball Training – Why You Need To Slow Down

Yesterday, i was doing a hitting session with my team. I was teaching the “inside-out” concept. It’s a bit technical without being that complicated. After the “theory” and “dry swing” part of practice, we got into a circuit with stations. One of the stations was a tee station. And as I do usually, I walk … Read more