Softball Training Tips – How iPods Can Help You Perform Better

Not long ago, I wrote about how cell phones (texting, talking, email, etc.) can be negatively impact a player’s focus, social interaction within a group environment, and even lead to rudeness and direspect sometimes. Are Cell Phones Negatively Affecting You and your Team? Kids aren’t only addicted to cell phones, they are also addicted to … Read more

Playing Softball – Are You Making Adjustments?

Yesterday, with my new team we played three games. I am certainly happy with our 3 wins. However, what I’m most happy about is the fact that I see my players learning and progressing. That’s my number one goal especially in the off-season. One of the concepts that I have really been emphasizing over the … Read more

Softball Tryouts – Nutrition Tips for Maximum Energy

A few years ago I was running a tryout and about 1 hour into it, one of the girls started to be sick, weak and looked a little loss and confused. Being a Red Cross first aid instructor, I recognized the signs and immediately suspected a drop in blood sugar levels – a condition called … Read more