Softball Conditioning Tips – Working Out When Life Gets in the Way

If you are serious about building yourself up for next season, your off-season training involve doing skills training (hitting, pitching, fielding, etc.), sports conditioning and maybe some form of mental/vision training.

At times, life gets in the way (vacations, exams or homework, bad weather, general fatigue, sickness, family function, etc.) and we may have weeks where we need to skip some sessions or miss training entirely.

Skills training and fitness training are two different things.

You see, even if you train skills once a week or skip a week, whatever you worked on, you will still retain the new learning or the new “muscle memory” you created out of working on your skills.

However, when training for fitness, the frequency of the training stimulus is the most important thing.

In other words, you have to workout often enough to get results. If you don’t, you don’t get results and might even lose your gains.

So, skipping sessions or missing a week will hurt your progress and might even cause you to lose some of your gains.

That’s how fitness work.

You have to do it regularly to get results.

Here’s in a nutshell what you get…

  • Working out once a week will maintain your results (no gain but no loss of gains either)
  • Working out twice a week will get some good results.
  • Working out three times or more often will get really good results.
  • Not working out for 7-15 days will get you to lose some of your gains.
  • Not working out for more than 2 weeks will get you to lose a lot of your gains.

What should you do if you don’t want to lose your gains but that life gets in the way?

  • Make sure to do a short workout at least once during the week. The workout doesn’t have to be super intense or long, just 1 set of a few exercise will do it. A short 12-15-minute workout is enough to maintain

In other words, you better do short workouts than not working out at all.

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