Mental Domination – The Impact of Your Image On Your Opponents

My goal is for them to be conscious of what their body language and their actions are doing to the psyche of their opponents.

Think about it for a second, what do you do when you get to the park and you are a facing a team you have never played before?


Even though you try to make it look like you’re ignoring them, you’ll still check them out a bit – it’s just human nature!

You will be looking at their hitters, their pitchers, the size  of their players, their skills execution, how well structured or organized they are, how confident or fearless they look, etc.

How you carry yourself on the field BEFORE the game is crucial.

The image you’re projecting can make a big difference on the psyche of your opponents.

Most likely, two things can happen: (a) you either make them more confident by looking sloppy or (b) you make them doubt a little because you look structured, confident, and fearless.

As soon as an athlete or a team starts doubting themselves, you’ve  already won half the battle – their confidence is affected.

Little things can have a big impact on the other team. Make sure to look:

– Structured
– Organized
– Focused
– Confident
– Fearless
– Professional

That will help you win more games. I know it sounds silly but guess what?

Human beings do silly things and respond to silly things.

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