Softball Mental Training – Habit of Success #2 – Commit to Continuous Learning

Here is the next habit of success to help you achieve all your dreams in the coming year.  Commit to these habit of success and you’ll experience tremendous success.

HABIT OF SUCCESS #2 – Commit to Continous Learning

Someone once said that the day you stop learning, you stop living.

A common characteristics of the most successful people in society is they are lifelong learners.

They have developped the key habit of continuous learning,  the habit of continuous personal and professionaldevelopment.

Just as you exercise physically on a regular basis to remain fit and healty, you must exercise mentally on a daily basis to become better and better in your chosen field.

There are all kinds of way to learn. You can read books. You can watch instructional DVDs. You can go to clinics or attend a seminar or a workshop. You can listen to CDs or downloaded audio material. You can surf the net. You can observe experts.

These are just a few examples.

Commit to continuous learning and you’ll experience more  success than ever before.

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