Softball Training – How Strength Makes You Faster

Yesterday, I told you that if you want to get faster, you need to get stronger.

Let me tell you why.

Muscles do produce forces. When you apply forces to the ground with strong and powerful steps, the ground gives you back that energy.

Basic principle of physics.

Think of it this way.

If you let a tennis ball drop on the floor, it will bounce back up.

If you throw a tennis ball on the ground with all your power, it will bounce back but much higher because  of the force you’ve thrown the ball with.

The same idea applies to every stride your take.

The more powerful your stride is, the faster you will go by “bouncing back up” just like the tennis ball.

However, to “bounce back up” with energy, you need to apply strength to the ground.

If you have are lacking strength, you will running much slower.

You can try to get faster by running sprints and working on your running mechanics but you are missing a big part of the puzzle if you are not working on your strength.

The average athlete will NOT be willing to put the work into getting stronger to improve his or her game.

The great athlete will be willing to put the work in order to get stronger and faster.

Which one are you… the average or the great?

You choose.

If you choose to be great, now is the time to start working

You can build pretty amazing strength from now until the beginning of next season.

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