Softball Conditioning – Getting Stronger is Key to Getting Faster

Even though I consider myself very knowleable in the area of speed, agility and quickness (probably more than 98% of people in the softball world), I took my team to see a top speed and agility coach.

The guy who own that facility is considered by many in the sports conditioning and fitness field to be one of the top, if not the top, speed and agility coach in the US.

I am not talking about some guy who knows a lot about basic linear speed (or sprinting mechanics) which any track coach or strength coach can teach, I`m talking about a specialist of multi-directional quickness, change of direction, agility and reaction time.

Anybody can make athletes run around cones but very few can REALLY teach HOW to move around the cones.

Just like anybody can put a ball on a tee and tell their athletes to swing the ball, not everybody can teach how  to hit the ball.

This guy teaches HOW to move faster and more efficiently in every direction.

It was a great session for me and my athletes. Even though I know a lot, I still learned quite a bit.

It’s like taking your team to the “Mike Candrea” of speed, agility, and quickness.

Key “more true than ever” lesson #1 – Being open-minded to learn new ways of doing things from others and continuing education is so important to always get better as a coach.

Anyways, it will definitely benefit my team.

By the way, I am actually working on a new DVD for speed,  agility, and quickness for softball and will cover all that  material.

Stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, one of the thing that the guy teaching the clinic did emphasize: you need STRENGTH to get FASTER.

He said that any serious athlete who wants to pick-up speed needs to be lifting with a good sports conditioning program.

Getting stronger is one of the key element to get faster.

Key “more true than ever” lesson #2 – To be an elite and a dominant softball player, you MUST lift. It’s not an option anymore.

Our game is a fast game.

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