Softball Training – Are Dynamic Warm-Ups Workouts?

One of the many questions that I get from softball players doing dynamic warm-ups for the first time is:

“Is it normal that I’m sweating and feel like I am  working out?”

My answer is always: “Yes and No. Yes, because you  aren’t use to the exercises yet and it’s working the  muscles that needs work. And no because it should be fairly easy to do for a softball player and in your case, it’s not.”

Often, at first especially, players and coaches will almost think like you are working out because some of the exercises are a little more challenging like the twist and lunge for example.

Let me say it: you are NOT working out. You are only preparing your body to perform at an optimal level.

But the reality is that if the players aren’t in the greatest condition or haven’t trained the right way, they will feel like they are working out a bit at  the beginning.

So, it is somewhat normal to find it challenging the first few times. However, it should not be long that your body will get used to it.

It’s not a bad thing actually.

It has the great side benefit of strengthening the weaker  muscles and lengthening the tight ones (improving flexibility) because of the nature of the exercises.

Once you don’t find it challenging anymore, it’s good news. It means that your body is more athletic!

What should you do if you feel it is a bit challenging
at first?

STICK WITH IT! It will only takes a couple of times before it becomes much easier. Your body will thank you later for it.

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