Off-Season Softball Training – Focus on Hitting and Pitching

It’s the off-season.

It’s time to:

1) Rest and recover from last season.

2) Heal injuries.

3) Do conditioning to get faster, stronger, more powerful, and
prevent injuries.

4) Work on fundamentals.

In other words, it’s time to get better for next season!

Often, people wonder – what should I do more of?

In an ideal world – everything!

In reality, there is just not enough time.

Fundamentals is the most important as softball is a highly technical sport that requires you to master a variety of complex skills.

Within fundamentals, should you more defense (throwing, fielding) or offense(hitting, bunting, etc.)?

My answer is: offense.

Especially if you are in an indoor environment for part of the year because of the winter.


Because hitting is like golf, it takes A LOT of time to learn, refine, and master. It’s even harder than golf because you’re hitting a moving object.

Because it’s like pitching – you need to work on it for hours to improve a little at a time. To get your mechanics and your timing right.

Of course, you need to work on defense. But you can change the mechanics of fielding and throwing much faster than you can change the mechanics of hitting.

Pitching and softball hitting should be the MAIN focus of the off-season.

Then, defense and conditioning are next in line.

If you want a split, I would spent 60-70% of the time on the first two and 30-40% of the time on the next two.

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