Softball Training – The Importance of Recovery and Regeneration

It’s the Thanksgiving break in the US.

Notice the word “break”.

At some point, the body always need a break to “recover and regenerate”.

It could also be said that you need to “relax and re-energize”.

No matter how you say it – it’s the fact that you do it that counts.

You see, the body was designed to adapt to  various stimulations.

So, when you train, you stimulate the body and the body adapts by improving whatever you worked on.

The body never adapts during the training or the “stimulation” – it adapts AFTER during the recovery and regeneration process.

The training stimulus is only the trigger to a whole recovery and regeneration process that helps you become a better athlete.

Every exercise physiologist, strength coach, and elite sports coach know that you need to give  athletes a break at some point in the year.

If you don’t – they eventually get tired, become  less motivated, have a harder time focusing, perform less, become more injured, and burn out –  mentally and physically.

Quality rest is an IMPORTANT performance factor.

It’s never “cool” for an athlete to take some time off. Often serious athletes are almost feeling guilty about taking some time off.

BUT YOU NEED IT TO! It’s physically and psychologically impossible to go hard for an extended of time without consequences.

How do you “R & R”?

– Always have at least a day off every week, never go 7 days per week

– Have lighter week every 4-6 weeks.

– Always take at least 4 weeks off every year

– Slow down or take a night off once in a while when you feel more tired, have less energy or have a harder time to focus.

– Always take monday off after a big weekend of competition or two days of serious training.

When you “R & R” – the key is NO SOFTBALL.

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