Softball Training – Why You Need To Slow Down

Yesterday, i was doing a hitting session with my team.

I was teaching the “inside-out” concept. It’s a bit technical without being that complicated.

After the “theory” and “dry swing” part of practice, we got into a circuit with stations.

One of the stations was a tee station.

And as I do usually, I walk around and help players who struggle with certain stations or need more individual attention.

One of my athletes was practicing at that tee station and was obviously not getting it.

The problem was that she was swinging at full speed trying to get it right.

That can’t work!

when you are trying to learn something new or change your mechanics – you’ve got to slow down to get it right!

The body CAN’T learn something new at full speed. It needs time to learn the new movement and figure out how to do it.

If you are old enough to drive, think about the first time you learn how to drive a car. Did you go at 80 mph right away?

Obviously not. You were going very slowly to get the hang of it.

The same idea applies when learning a new skill or changing your technique.

You’ve got to slow down.

Start slow and increase the speed of execution as you get better.

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