Softball Training and Conditioning – The Use of Home Workout Videos – Part 2

Yesterday, I was telling you that I did a phone consultation with the coach of one of the best 18U Gold team in the USA.

And during our discussion, we talked about the fact that doing home workout videos isn’t ideal for softball players.

Following yesterday’s email, many reacted and sent us comments about the fact that these home workout videos has helped them.

There was comments about how convenient it is, how easy it was to get in shape, how motivating it was, how it transformed their life and their body, how their game has improved, how they had more energy, etc.

Let me repeat what I said previously.

These home workout videos are better than nothing for softball players.

However, they are designed mostly to help people tone up and shed a few pounds.

They aren’t designed to get you more powerful, stronger, faster, and more agile.

They will just help you get in better general shape.

Of course, they might help your game a bit especially if you are not in great shape to start with but it will not literally transform your game.

Here is why.

These home workout videos are usually designed to improve what we called the primary components of fitness:

1) muscular endurance
2) cardiovascular fitness
3) Body composition (% of body fat)
4) flexibility

All of these are nice to have and are the foundation of a fit body but NONE of these qualities will make a big difference on the field.

For that, you need to train athletic qualities or what we called the secondary or performance components of fitness:

1) muscular strength
2) power
3) speed
4) agility
5) coordination
6) quickness

Do you know many home workout videos that are designed to improve power, speed, agility, and coordination?

I don’t. And I’ve seen most of those home workout videos.

So, like I said to this keen coach on the phone, if you truly want to help your player improve their game and get faster, more powerful, stronger, and more agile…

DITCH THE HOME WORKOUT VIDEOS and get yourself a workout specifically design for athletes! Not your mommy’s or your daddy’s home workout videos!

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