Softball Training – Warm-Up – A Lesson from the Pro

Last year, I went to see the Phillys play in Philadelphia.

Since the Expos left Montreal for Washington, I haven’t had the chance to watch a lot of  pro baseball games live.

I got there early. I wanted to obverse.

Have you ever watched major league players prepare for a game?

It’s a beauty to watch the best players in the world prepare for battle.

They are focus. They are relax. Each individual athlete do various things to get themselves ready for the game.

They are pros. They act like it.

I could certainly discuss the choice of a few  exercises in their preparation like the excessive use of static stretching and use more dynamic stretching like the rest of the athletic planet like I’m showing in my upcoming Dynamic Warm-Up for Softball System.

You know, MLB is very conservative and takes a long time to change. But it’s slowly getting there with the influx of younger, better trained strength coaches.

But the lesson here is how much time to put into their preparation before a game. And how they do it.

Every ball player should take notice. You don’t need to take 2-3 hours like they do.

But you should definitely spend some time and to get ready and focus to be at your best when the game starts.

If you a chance, go to the ballpark early and watch professionals prepare. It’s worth it.

There is something to be learn from the best in the world.

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